Thursday, 18 June 2009

I love hot weather

I grew up in the tropics so I find the UK quite hard to deal with, especially in the winter. I've taken to lying in the sun like a cat whenever there's some sun to be had here. Another great thing about hot weather is it makes the poles really sticky. Some people really don't like this. I understand why. It really restricts your options and you get stuck - I got stuck halfway up the pole in a teddy last night! Despite this, I love grippy poles as it gives me a chance to practice all things that require a knee grip.

Nornally my knee grip is non-existant. I put the back of my knee on the pole and it just slides off. The only things that stop this happening are grip aid or poles in warm weather. In class yesterday the poles were super grippy. I had a go at all the knee grip stuff I normally can't do. I figured out brass monkey from cross-knee release, tried eros and did some quick cupids and kneeswings.

I also did a lot of knee holds and worked out a kind of holly drop. Mine's a bit weird compared to others that I've seen. All the other videos I've seen of it show people going into a thigh hold and then scorpio. I drop straight into a scorpio.

I've fallen in love with drops over the last few months. I love how they feel and how dramatic they look.

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