Sunday, 14 June 2009

Why I Pole Dance

I pole dance because it's something that feels like it comes naturally to me. I feel like I can achieve things. I can be myself. I can make other people astonished at my strength and daring. I feel like it's an activity that fits with my personality.

When I pole dance I enjoy being my body and feeling that it's not awkward and clumsy, like it usually is. I can be graceful and dangerous. I can get that rush of excitement at something reckless done well. I love being strong and developing 'useful' muscles.

I enjoy performance. I enjoy dressing up and making a show. I enjoy feeling sexy and find no reason I should be ashamed of that. It feels like I'm doing it for me, because I am worth being stunning and having an audience.

I suppose that's vain, but I don't give myself much space for that normally.

I enjoy feeling good about myself. I enjoy being proud of my body.

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