Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My ongoing hatred for the British weather

So, today we were supposed to be giving a pre-competition performance to some friends -some who pole and some who don't. The UKAPP has the new x-stage and my instructor has one, which we borrowed.

The plan was to hold it outside in my garden tonight. However, it has been raining pretty much all day. The sun is out at the moment, but the ground is wet and there's nowhere else we can use the stage. So we're going to use the poles at the studio. This is great apart from the fact that I want to practice things that need the x-stage. I discovered that a stage pole gives you exciting options such as my favourite pole photo of me so far:

(taken on a practice when the weather was nice - during the 3 minutes of sunshine we had!).

Because I'm a little bit on a neurotic perfectionist. I'll feel a bit like I won't have made sure I'm practiced for Saturday. I'm sure I'll be fine and if I relax and just enjoy it, I will be. But then I wouldn't be me if I did.

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