Sunday, 23 August 2009

Out of it

I'm having a major pole-slump at the moment. I've put myself through a physically and emotionally draining time and I can't get myself back into action in life generally and fitness-wise. I just don't have the energy. I'll be seeing my family as they're over in the UK this week and then going on holiday at the start of September. Hopefully that will help me recover. I'll be starting study and work soon after so I should get into a routine.

I went to a master class with Sally-Ann Giles at the start of August. It was really helpful to me. I realise that I need to learn from polers who are that good. I'm not really learning anything in normal classes. I need a perfectionist eye and to learn different styles. Unfortunately that requires money I don't have at the moment. It fustrates me how I'm priced out of a lot of the amazing pole lessons here in the UK (I'm really sad that I couldn't afford a Felix master class and that a wedding meant I couldn't go to the Liverpool meet and greet). Pole dancing is a much more expensive hobby than I anticipated it would be.

I'm also worried as one of the polers I practice a fair bit with is leaving soon. I probably won't go to class as often when she's gone. I'm wondering whether I should switch to learning trapeze and silks for a while and shake myself up that way.


  1. I have the problem in that I teach so many flipping classes I don't have energy to train myself!

    I am now putting aside 'me time' where I have to train!

    Hope you get your pole mojo back soon. I find pole jams help spark mine!

  2. Thanks! I'll hopefully have time to train at the end of next week.

    There aren't many jams up North at the moment. I really want to go to one!