Sunday, 25 October 2009

A salad of mixed emotions

The Negative:

I've been finding this week quite difficult. It feels like I just don't have enough time. I need to get flexible, get ready for Pole Divas, work at the day jobs and get started on my academic work. At the moment I feel drained and stressed.

The world isn't helping much. It too seems to be coming apart. In my city we've had strikes by the postal services, fire services and buses. Nothing seems to work in this country anymore. In addition, the BNP and their existence seem to be dominating national discourse. To me, the BNP actually feel like a personal threat, seeing as multicultural products like me are high on their list of evils.

I just want to take a few days away from people and news.

Pole-wise, I've gained some fear. My back has been put out by too many one-handed bow and arrows and is taking a while to heal up. I've got the fear of that and my rubbish knee grip to overcome. It's not easy.

The Positive:

This week it is half term for schools. I'm off work so I can structure my time (mostly) as I like. I can try to get things read and written. Hopefully, I'll be able to focus on flexibilty training and some new exciting combinations. I'd like to create a sustainable routine where I can get more flexible.

I had a really good day today. Despite the interference of the bus strikes I managed to make it to the circus, where they had a 'Day of Dance'. Even though there were very few of us taking part, I still got loads out of it. It was an introduction to a number of styles, bollywood, bhangra, snake dance and gypsy fusion. The teacher was incredibly encouraging and positive, despite the fact she was more comfortable working with large groups, she still made the day enjoyable. One thing I really enjoyed was the way she ran things. She'd teach a few moves and then string them together. Then she'd tell us to get into our own space and just move to the music using what she'd taught us and anything that felt appropriate. At the end of the class she got us to work on creating our own mini routine to do together. I found this a really freeing way of learning. I've never experience that in a dance class before. I did formal dance training when I was younger and that's scared me slightly off many dance classes (long story!). It's nice to find something that I don't feel intimidated by. I've aslo been feeling stunted in my ability to just dance recently and that restored some confidence.

This week I am booked to try acrobatics on Thursday evening at the circus. Following that, there is an aerial skill-swap session. At the trapeze workshop I did in the summer I was encouraged to go. I've tried for the last 2 weeks, but stuff has come up. I'll be interested to see what I can try!

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