Thursday, 31 December 2009

Awesome Early December Happenings

I will write a little bit and post a few photos of the two exciting things that happened in early December.

The first was Deb Riley's launch of the British Pole Dance Academy in Stoke-on-Trent. The place is massive. Apparently there are 18 poles ( a good mix of 45mm and 50mm poles) an aerial hoop, a trapeze and silks. There's a stage built into the studio and exciting lights.

The launch was a massive jam punctuated by amazing performances. Bridget Sachill (North Pole), Sally-Ann Giles, Chantelle Pritchard, Tracy Simmonds, Elena Gibson, Alesia Vazmitzel and Jenyne Butterfly. It was amazing and inspiring to watch such incredible performers. I dragged my camera along and took some photos. For being seriously out of practice with the camera I took some good ones. The photo below is a favourite- it's Sally-Ann Giles doing a deathlay.

More photos of that event on Facebook.

A week later me and another girl shared a lesson with Jenyne Butterfly (pictured on left performing at Riley's launch - the woman is all muscle!). I would have loved to go to the three hour masterclass. I could only afford one half of a one-to-one, but it was so worth it. I learnt so much, Jenyne, in person is truly inspiring and lovely. I really enjoyed it. I learnt a number of exciting combinations and had an attempt at the phoenix, which I didn't quite get (but that's something I can work on eventually).

I came away from the lesson inspired and with so much to practice. (On the right me - looking silly - after the class with Jenyne Butterfly at Iosis in Liverpool).

It was quite an awesome end to a very exciting year which I will hopefully review tomorrow =)

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