Wednesday, 30 December 2009

YouTube Comments Rant - The first of many

I've not updated in ages, despite having some amazing pole events at the start of December and now I'm ranting? I'm not a consistant writer at all!

I feel the need to rant about a trend I see in YouTube commenting on pole videos. There's an extent to which ranting about comments on YouTube is like shouting into a void, but it's my space, so I'll go ahead.

Before I start, this isn't something that's happened to me as yet, but I've seen it enough to annoy me.

On vidoes, you'll occasionally get a comment that goes along the lines of 'Don't watch this, watch Felix/Pantera instead' or ' This is crap compared to Felix/Jenyne Butterfly' . Who are the assholes that think it's ok to write something like that? All the dancers they invoke are amazing yes, but it's not as if the vast majority of pole dancers out there believe that they're up to that standard. They're just doing the best they can.

It absolutely fails as feedback. No, x is not Pantera/Felix/Jenyne, and she/he knows that. That comment doesn't tell them anything they don't already know. How about constructive criticism?

Futhermore, who gave them permission to speak on behalf of those they claim are better? From what I've heard of people like Pantera, Felix and Jenyne, they're not at all like that.

If you've not got something constructive to say STFU.

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