Friday, 2 April 2010

March Pole Happpenings

I suck at updating anything at the moment.

So, at the beginning of March (Saturday 6th to be exact) Gemma organised the Pole for Purpose charity event here in Sheffield. She performed as did the lovely Elsie Claire, the super strong XXBEX, who also did a series of push-ups to raise money for the charity tickled pink. I performed as well. It was fun to do a performance that wasn't being judged and that I could try things out I wouldn't do in a competition. The whole thing was filmed by John Gallagher who was doing a project on Pole dancers's opinions on whether Pole should be in the Olympics. He's been filming around the North of England for the last month or so and doing interviews at pole events.

Here are the performances. Thanks to Sharon Gallagher for the videos! They're from the footage her husband filmed. Photos I took are here.





This being a month of TripleXBEXXX it seems, I went to a masterclass at Rainbow Pole Fitness in Barnsley with her a couple of weeks ago. The woman is incredible! She's so strong and is a great teacher. She can break moves down well and has a large number of her own individual moves/combinations she teaches.

To add to that a few of us traveled North last Saturday for her opening jam. It was great to see some of the amazing polers in the North jamming and to see Sonia Allcock, the North Wales champion perform (some photos I took here ).

The next few months are looking quite exciting. I'm going to a Suzie Q masterclass in Stoke next week. At the end of May I'll be competing in Louth (as I did last year). I'm looking forward to trying out new things for that. I need to get back on the pole in earnest and start trying things out again.

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