Sunday, 12 December 2010

I'm Alive

I'm alive, just not writing. I have lots that I want to write about, but I never get round to it.

Brief summary of pole stuff in the last few months.:

In early September I trained for and entered the Manchester Heat of Pole Divas. It was quite a different experience from last year where the heat was full. This year hardly anyone was there and there was only one other competitor in my category. I entered in order to give me something to work towards after being sick and operated on during the summer. It was good to have a goal and to work on a routine. This is my (winning entry).

In October I auditioned for a Circus training course and got in. This has shaped my life over the last few months. I've been searching for funding and loans to do it. It's a 12 week course with Greentop Circus in Sheffield (where I already train aerials) and helps you develop circus skills and acts. I auditioned for it after the internship I was offered with another circus company was seriously delayed (that is a sad little saga).

I also performed at a charity night for a Cats' shelter in Stockport at the end of October. Photos are here. The photographer Cornell, sent them to me free as it was a charity event.

November was an odd month. At the start of the month, and the start of my training for the Pole Divas final I dislocated the ring finger on my right hand attempting a difficult drop. It was a pretty terrifying experience. I was really lucky as I pulled the finger back in place very quickly and perfectly, plus I didn't fracture or break the finger. The doctors were quite impressed by how well I'd realigned my finger and once they'd found that it wasn't broken left me to treat it myself (the NHS didn't waste their physiotherapy on me). I stuck to a regime of hot and cold water baths and massage with arnica. I strapped my finger up and resumed practice after a week an a half.

The result was that my routine wasn't as polished I wanted it to be and preparing it was stressful and in the end quite demoralising (due to some last minute drama). One really postitive thing was that my friend Elsie, who I learnt with in Sheffield and have entered many competitions with, also was through to the final and we had a fun practice session the day before the competition. It made me realise how much I miss training with her, It's awesome to have a training partner who isn't competitive. We are so different in what we're good at, but it's so much fun to just mess around and try new things. I really miss it.

This is my entry in the final. It could have been worse, considering. I did enjoy performing it and came runner-up for the second time. All in all, I'm quite proud of what I've acheived. I've come second, twice, to people who are trained gymnasts and amazing performers. I have none of that background.

Post competition it's been a lot more relaxing. I went to a jam with Rainbow Pole fitness at the end of November in Huddersfield, despite it being one of the coldest days of the year it was loads of fun and happened before the snow stopped travel. I missed out on performing in Skegness because of the snow last Sunday. I would have loved to, but we just couldn't get there. Yesterday was a photoshoot with Claire 'Windy' Winters, who takes great pole photos. I really enjoyed getting back into pole and stretching.

I'm currently planning to train until just before Chirstmas and then mostly relax until after the New Year when I'll start getting back in shape for my circus course in the middle of January.

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