Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dear Pole Dancers - Re: Mallakhamb

I'm sure most pole dancers have seen this video by now. It's been passed round Facebook like made and made newspaper sites.

I love it. I'd kill to be that flexible, strong co-ordinated and have such lightning-fast transitions. Some of those drops make me want to jump on a pole and try them. What I don't love about the video is some of the commentary I've seen accompanying it (and I've seen quite a few instansiations of this comment):

'This is proof that pole dancing doesn't come from strip clubs!'

Which, is utter bullshit. The type of pole dancing that you, a woman/man in the Western world practice has come out of strip clubs. Most of the moves we do were invented/discovered by strippers. Yes, lots of the moves are similar, but there's only so many things that a human body can do. Yes, there is now a degree of exchange in moves (especially between pole dance and chinese pole - I know because I've been shown moves my a chinese pole performer and vice-versa).

That still doesn't mean that the influence on the pole dance you do isn't primarily from exotic dancers. How to test that? Name me the top Mallakhamb players. I've been doing pole for about 2 and half years, I can't name one. Name me top pole dancers who are current or former exotic dancers? We could be here for a while.

Rant over.

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