Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shocked, but very very happy

Last night I entered the Manchester heat of Pole Divas, the national pole fitness competition in the UK. I entered last year, without knowing what to expect and found it a real challenge, but was absolutely inspired by the professional category of entrants. I entered the advanced amateur level, which allows you to perform inverts (the amateur level doesn't).

I was probably the happiest I've been in a competition. The atmosphere was great, the crowd was good, it was well-organised and all the performers in all three categories were so amazing to watch. It was really a brilliant showcase of pole talent!

I was quite worried about entering this year as I've been worried a bit about my health and in the week before the competition I was very tired and weak (I've been enrolling for Uni and starting on more post-graduate work, so it's been intense). I'd dithered over my music choice for ages and whilst my routine came together in 2-3 days I was pretty nervous. Pole Divas this year had a list of complusory elements. I was anxious about them, despite the fact that once I got round to planning the routine it was very easy to fulfill all the requirements (though I did have to teach myself to do a hip-hold!).

This was the routine I performed. I can see loads of mistakes - particularly in my movement away from the pole. I stumbled so many times! But despite all that, I came joint first place with Sasha, from the same pole school as me. We're in the final in November and I'm really quite excitied about it.

One of the best things about the whole experience for me was that this is the routine I've created which expresses how I enjoy doing pole dance. It's definitely the most 'me' of anything I've done before. You can't see in this video, but I was grinning thoughout the whole performance, as I was really enjoying it all. It's amazing that just going for it like that got me a great result!

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